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(its a thing)

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mamaama, Jan 26, 11 5:43 PM.
We did it guys :DDD

Library now at LVL3

Thank you to you all for your contributions :)

Enough Gold lol

Vikasha, Jan 20, 11 6:22 PM.
K guys, we have more than enough GOLD in guild for our Library lvl 3.. we need 31k of each material (ore, wood, herb) In that case, please use whatever gold you would donate into buying mats from Auction House. In addition to gathering mats out in the field, you can buy mats from AH. If you want, you can buy mats higher lvl than you can refine and mail it to me (ore and wood only) or Ama (herbs) and we'll refine and donate on your behalf k :) Cuz the higher the lvl of the material the better.. but anything you choose to do is welcome :)

Thanks guys!

Library Level 3

Vikasha, Jan 11, 11 9:09 PM.
Ok guys, so we're still deliberating on what next we wana add to the RedDragon Guild Castle but until we get more feedback from you all, we're going with Library Level 3! Please see the Topic: Library Level 3, posted in the Forums for more info!

Thank Youu :)

Guild Castle

mamaama, Jan 11, 11 7:28 AM.
Ok guys New Year over now time to decide what you want next for the castle.

Then once we decide I will let you know the bad news of how much stuff we need to get there :P

Guild Castle Upgrading

Vikasha, Dec 9, 10 4:21 PM.
Guild Castle Upgrading section added in Information Box! ~Vikasha~
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